The Reasons Why Smoking Can Affect A Person’s Fertility


Researchers around the world have concluded that smoking can affect a person’s fertility, both men and women. Not only can trigger a variety of serious diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer, and heart disease, smoking can also affect men’s fertility. Although smoking is not directly enter into the reproductive organs, but harmful substances in it are absorbed by the body.

Here are some reasons why smoking can damage a person’s fertility;

Damage the balance of hormones

A wide variety of chemicals in cigarettes that went into the bloodstream affects male and female hormones. When hormones are already affected, the reproductive system in the body will also be disrupted.

Sperm quality is bad

Smoking can affect the quality and ability of sperm in swimming. It’s been well known that to reach the egg, the sperm must swim in a woman’s body. The higher sperm swimming’s ability, then the higher the possibility of conception. If the ability of sperm to swim downhill, the possibility of sperm to reach the egg cell is getting lower.

Lower sperm count

More and more, the higher the sperm count is also likely to have a child. However, if the sperm declines, then the likelihood for occurrence of conception will also not occur increasingly.

Erectile dysfunction

The habit of smoking can also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Men who experience erectile dysfunction have trouble maintaining and erection, so it will be more difficult to do the conception.

Interfere with the transport of the egg

Not only affect sperm quality of men, smoking also affect the ability of egg cells move from tuba tubes to the uterus. As a result, if there is no sperm goes to the uterus, it will be difficult conception.

Premature menopause

Smoking affects the menopause in women due to smoking will speed up the process of losing the egg. The egg is missing will not be replaced and will eventually cause premature menopause in women. This also lowers the likelihood of women to conceive.

Damage of DNA

The effects of smoking do not only stop the process of conception, but also in when conception has already occurred. Chemicals in cigarettes can damage DNA. When DNA in the egg or sperm cells is damaged, it will be difficult conception. Although conception has already occurred, the risk of miscarriage is sure to be high.

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